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05 October 2012

Sorry If I Had Hurt You

Hai everyone , morning! Sorry for long time not updating this blog. I'm too busy as exam just around the corner. So, I have to prepare and study hard to get a better result. Okey, leave bout exam behind cause it makes me stress. Wanna talk bout what happen to me right now at PMC ( penang matriculation college ).

Actually, i dont know whether it is just only my feeling or it really happen in reality.. I feel that my classmate dont want to be friend with me anymore. I dont know why.. Maybe I'd done something wrong, or maybe because I've change. From a noisy person, suddenly become a quiet person in class. But dear friends, I'm sorry if I had done something that hurt yours. But seriously, I dont know what's my fault. I dont want to ask from you bcoz I dont care anymore. If you all wanna befriend with me, I accept it but if not, what can I do, right? 

For your information, I've become quiet person because I have a problem. But I dont want to mess with it. I dont want people look at my sad face and make them boring with me. I dont want people think that i'm asking sympathy from you. Sorry,....

Dear friends, I have 2 intention when I'm decided to study here. First of all, I wanna make my dream become true. I really want to be a doctor. And second, I want to change myself to be a good person. From a tomboy to a truly girl. And to be a good muslimah. Dear friends, I love you all eventhough there's only 5 months we know each other. Im sorry for what I've done to you. 

p/s ~ We need friends in our life so that our life will be more colourful ~

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