(: Don't judge me by past. I'm not a tomboy anymore and I'm not a lesbian :)

25 November 2012

A Big Suprise

I would like to share about my life with you today eventhough this is shameful. Bout what had happen to me after I went back to kampung as it is semester break. Yeah…, after one week at kampung, this suck thing happen to me and I don’t know how to face it actually. But I only hope Allah help me to explain to others about this.

You all want to know what happen to me? But I hope it won’t make you surprised or get heart attacked..HAHA. Actually, I’m surprised too… L One night, my boy-friend text me, asking me what I’m doing, how my life now and the last question make me blur. Know what? He asked me who is licking my body? Seriously I don’t know what’s he means. I asked him what he actually mean and why asking me like that.. and he told me that is a video where someone licking my body.. It is just like a lesbian video but seriously it is not me.. I told him that is not me and I never do that such things. But he wont believe me. He told me that video really really really look like me. “Oyeah!! What the hell of this stupid thing?? What the hell of pulling my leg like this? What a stupid joke he plays with me”?? That’s a few questions I asking myself.. But he told me he was not joking. And I told him, “ It’s ok. We meet tomorrow and show me that video..”. and then I close my eyes and started dreaming. Woha!

The next morning, I went to his house with my girl-friend. After he gave me the video, I went home. Actually, I really curious to know whether it is true or not? It is really look like me? Yeah! A big surprise for me when I open the video. Tell ya, that kid’s smile, how she speaks…-really look like me.. No matter my boy-friend thinks that ‘she’ is me. Without any signal, my tears suddenly drop. Know why I’m crying? Just because I thought “O Allah, is there any person that really look like me? Why me? What should I do then?”… and then I cry and cry and pray, asking for Allah’s help.. I share bout this with my boy-friend, Aiman.. I told him what had happen to me, and Alhamdulillah, he believe me that I won’t do that such thing eventhough I’m a bad girl. And that night, I slept accompany with tears on my cheeks. Just praying that Allah help me to explain to my boy-friend bout that video. Just praying that Allah help me to make he believe that girl is not me.. Alhamdulillah, my prays is heard by Allah. He makes my boy-friend stop pushing me to not deny bout that video as before that boy only want me to admit it. But I won’t admit it because I’m not doing that video! That’s not me! Alhamdulillah, everything is clear now. I don’t care anymore what others talk about me because what is important right now, I know I never do that thing. And Allah knows…

Dear peeps, what do you think bout me? If you become one of them who watching that video, are you telling that the girl is me?? It’s ok.. I don’t expect anything from you all as I only need Allah to stay by my side and helping me to face this.

                p/s : Smile even you in pain
p/s 2 : Just believe in Allah.
p/s 3 : Don’t ever care bout others talking bout you if they only make you down..

02 November 2012

Dapat Surat Warning

Hi everyone.. Dah lama kan aku tak story mory pasal kehidupan aku? Actually, aku rindu sangat nk menulis, nk buat entry baru, nk kongsi apa yg terjadi dalam kehidupan aku. Rindu sangat-sangat tau!! I'm sorry about that because I'm too busy right now as I have to focus on my exam right now. Just only 2 subject left and then I will be free... But right now, there is something I want to share with you all. Something for me is funny and a little bit feel guilty. Hurmm , not a little, but very very feel guilty.
Last night, around 2 a.m. , me and my friends couldn't sleep. So that, we recorded a video.A dancing video , so I think all of you will know how noisy it is with the loud sound of song, and our laughter. Actually, I know that it will make my roommates wake up from their dreaming. I know my action last night was so wrong, but what can I do? My friends still asking me to make that video or not they will be upset. So, when we were dancing, singing and make a joke, I could see my roommates feel uncomfortable. I'm trying to be silence but the song and my friends' laughter still be heard. You know what... We recorded the video about 2 hours so can you think, how long my roommates feel............urghhhhhhhh!!!

But, not about the video that we'd recorded I want to tell you but what was I get this evening due to what I'd done last night.. Tell ya huh, I got a letter. Not a warning letter actually but a letter that asking for a co-operation. Atul - my roommate gave me the letter just now. And I already know what she gonna tell about. Yeah, really feel guilty and shame with her. But, I keep silent. Not because EGO but too shame to talk with her. 
Here is the letter :

And here is the content of the letter :

Korunk nampak tak? Kalau tak nampak , pegi lah check mata korunk. Kot2 rabun ke.. ohhhhhhhh -.-
Thats all for today. I'm speechless.. 

Assalamualaikum =.=||