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02 November 2012

Dapat Surat Warning

Hi everyone.. Dah lama kan aku tak story mory pasal kehidupan aku? Actually, aku rindu sangat nk menulis, nk buat entry baru, nk kongsi apa yg terjadi dalam kehidupan aku. Rindu sangat-sangat tau!! I'm sorry about that because I'm too busy right now as I have to focus on my exam right now. Just only 2 subject left and then I will be free... But right now, there is something I want to share with you all. Something for me is funny and a little bit feel guilty. Hurmm , not a little, but very very feel guilty.
Last night, around 2 a.m. , me and my friends couldn't sleep. So that, we recorded a video.A dancing video , so I think all of you will know how noisy it is with the loud sound of song, and our laughter. Actually, I know that it will make my roommates wake up from their dreaming. I know my action last night was so wrong, but what can I do? My friends still asking me to make that video or not they will be upset. So, when we were dancing, singing and make a joke, I could see my roommates feel uncomfortable. I'm trying to be silence but the song and my friends' laughter still be heard. You know what... We recorded the video about 2 hours so can you think, how long my roommates feel............urghhhhhhhh!!!

But, not about the video that we'd recorded I want to tell you but what was I get this evening due to what I'd done last night.. Tell ya huh, I got a letter. Not a warning letter actually but a letter that asking for a co-operation. Atul - my roommate gave me the letter just now. And I already know what she gonna tell about. Yeah, really feel guilty and shame with her. But, I keep silent. Not because EGO but too shame to talk with her. 
Here is the letter :

And here is the content of the letter :

Korunk nampak tak? Kalau tak nampak , pegi lah check mata korunk. Kot2 rabun ke.. ohhhhhhhh -.-
Thats all for today. I'm speechless.. 

Assalamualaikum =.=||

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